The Decloration of My Diary: MY DAILY PLEDGE

I am who I am, and I LOVE ME, IN ALL OF MY UNIQUENESS, for who I am now and was created to be, and on THIS DAY I choose to LIVE TO THE FULLEST! With no regrets, I will make one step today for my future tomorrow. I will "FORGET the mistakes AND CONTINUE to PRESS FORWARD TOADY for the PRIZE".

Monday, April 25, 2011

Welcome Back

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Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year, Happy Resurrection Sunday, Happy Birthday, and sooo much more. It's been a minute but guess who's back! So now that the restriction has been lifted, I can talk and share so much of what has happened since this brown pecan-mocha girl began her journey.

So back in May 2010, I got approached with an opportunity to be apart of a weight loss show. Reluctantly I prayed about it and kinda really just thought this would be great, at the same time ..... this would be scary as all get up cause, as outgoing and social as I am .... well lets just say I enjoy being home with a bowl of Fruit Loops, a tee shirt and some sweats, and having my channel stuck on Nicktoons all day and night!! So I went for it and made it to the finalist round and even getting chosen to be on the show (later to have gone through some challenges and had to turn away from the opportunity). Having gone through the process of the show,  it was most difficult emotionally, and I must say it took me going to interviewing in DC going to California with some TV producers and executives that I have never seen in my life, to FINALLY get to a point of opening up and finally facing the things that I've supressed for years, getting to the root of it and being able to experience breakthrough. MUCH NEEDED BREAKTHROUGH!!!

Since this process, I've been awakened, ENLIGHATENED even, and I've been able to really now move forward with purpose and passion in life. With that being said going through the process I wasn't able to blog since it was about my weightloss journey, BUT now that I am released and able to talk about things (generally speaking), I AM BACK!!!!!

With that being said I just wanted to say: I'M BACK WITH SOOOOO MUCH TO SHARE!!!!!
So look forward to weekly posts with so much enlightenment and stuff to share!


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